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Historically, Equities are known to give superior returns over other asset classes over a long term horizon. With India's promising economy and burgeoning corporate sector poised to grow at an excellent rate, this is one asset class, no Indian investor can afford to ignore.

However, one should take exposure to direct equities based on a lot of factors. SWAS takes these factors into consideration before providing advisory and broking services to its clients in Equities. Please look into our "Investment Approach" for further details

SWAS is registered with SEBI as an authorized sub-broker for NSE & BSE (India's main two stock exchanges) in order to provide its clients, a platform to invest in the capital markets.

Our share broking platform ensures a superlative trading experience through:

  • A highly process driven, diligent approach and
  • Powerful Research & Analytics

Investment Approach

We at SWAS believe in following a portfolio approach, which endeavours to diversify a client's investments amongst various:

  • Asset classes
  • Geographies &
  • Sectors
We are traditional in our investment approach and do not encourage speculative transactions to our clients as we believe wealth is of no good if an investor is not able to sleep well at night. For instance, we do not motivate clients to take naked positions in derivative contracts. We do provide our clients, a platform to trade in derivatives but encourage participation in derivatives, only to hedge positions in capital markets.

"Derivative Contracts are financial WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) waiting to explode" - Warren Buffett

Our company advises what is in the best interest of the client and not our interest, as we believe in partnering with our customers for their wealth creation for lifetime. Therefore, before every investment suggested to a client, we look at the following:

  • Complete research and analysis of the product and
  • Investment profiling of the client based on the client's :
    • Age
    • Risk appetite
    • Financial goals
    • Investment Horizon
    • Tax saving investments
    • Present portfolio / investments and
    • Client's past experience and knowledge of financial markets
We begin a relationship with our clients only after:

  • Getting an "Account opening form" filled and
  • After doing a complete Investment risk profiling

  • We charge a minimal brokerage on every share trading account without advisory (Client trades on his own). SWAS forwards many research reports from various Broking Houses to its clients but does give its own advisory, in pure broking accounts
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